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Family Owned

Initially, my child and I started admiring and collecting jewelry  as a hobby because we enjoy looking at jewelry from the past to view the intricate designs. We are not jewelry experts, but I decided to open this online shop to share my finds to give these pieces new homes to be loved again. This business is more than just selling things: it is one of the ways that provide resources to our home and gives me bonding time with my child while providing our customers with pieces that we hope will bring them a little piece of joy.

We thank you for contributing and helping us in this journey!

*Update: This website was originally meant for our jewelry, but you may have seen that there are other things to purchase. Most of the times life never goes as planned, so these categories will be for sale for a limited time.

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We ship to numerous countries.

No Worry Returns*

You can request a refund the products received within 7 days by mail.*

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You can rest assure that your information is secured with encryption.

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